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Product Description
Electronic Machine Parts, CNC Electronic Parts:
•Electronic Machine Parts, CNC Electronic Parts:
RF connector, mini UHF plug crimp type, TNC plug to plug adaptor, crimp/solder type, SMB connector, video connector, 75Ω plug, fogging nozzle and so on.
•Machining Ability for Tolerance of CNC Electronic (Electric) Parts:
≧0.005 mm
•Material Using: AL6061-T6, AL7075-T6, 1144, pure nickel, pure iron, SCM 415, SCM440, 12L14, C3604, C6802, C5191, C3602, C3603, C3601, SAE-660 (660BRZ), C1020 ,C1100, POM, SUS 303, SUS304, SUS416, SUS430F, SUS 630

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