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Product ID: KT 1390

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KT 1390 Laser Cutting Machine
Product features:
•Chassis evaginate design, overhaul maintenance convenience, novel appearance
•Machine work area of the anterior and posterior is smooth, for the processing of infinite length, the scope of the more square.
•This machine adopts double smoke exhaust system, which can effectively eliminate machining process of smoke produced, processing place cleaner, more environmentally friendly.
Applicable materials:
Wood, bamboo, jade, marble, organic glass, crystal, plastic, clothes, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other non-metallic materials.
Applicable industries:
Advertisement, handicraft, leather, toys, clothing, model, building upholster, computer embroidery clipping, packaging and paper.
Technical parameters:
Model No. KT 1390
Laser tube type Sealed CO2 laser tube
laser power 80W (100W,130W,150W Optional)
Cutting area 1,300 x 900mm
Cutting speed 0 - 60,000mm/min / 0-35,000mm/min
Repositioning precision ±0.1mm
Working voltage AC 110-220V ±10%,50-60Hz
Gross power
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