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Ultrasonic Machine GH024:
1)AC 100-240V, dual use. 2)Stimulate circulation of blood. 3)Accelerate metabolism. 4)Activate the cells of skin, absorb nutrition.

Ultrasonic wave used in this machine has become one of the major skin-care skill in most beauty salons.
The functions of ultrasonic waves to human skin:
1) Mechanical touch function.
2) Heating function and physical-chemical function.
It can cause cubage and movement changes of human cell. It stimulates and adjusts cell membrane. It enhances overpass performance of epidermis and the temperature of inner skin goes up. Therefore, it improves the absorption of nutrition for skin, speeding up metabolism, and regeneration of epidermal tissue.

Ultrasonic waves of this machine can also decompose the waste around fat, consume energy, renovate damaged lymph and capillaries vessel, so that it can make you lose weight and achieve good shape.
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