I-P-TPI-Series 3000W

I-P-TPI-Series 3000W

Top Level Quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter With battery charger & UPS I-P-TPI-3000W

Product ID: I-P-TPI-Series 3000W

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I .Introduction
This power inverter series is a member of the most advanced line of mobile AC power system available. This design combines the advantages of top class inverters in the world global market and adopts latest American low frequency circuit design. The features are high conversion efficiency, high performance and lowest consumption. The models range from 1000W-6000W.
II .Application:
It supplies reliable pure sine wave power for various loads in various fields.
This design is special for using in solar & wind system with excellent conversion efficiency.
Application loads: various loads such as resistive load, inductive load, motors and rectifier load, like team ship, truck, industrial equipment, air conditioning, television, cash register, refrigerator, computer, electric power tool etc.
Application fields: It can be used in every field, such as business, working station, home, industry fields etc.
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