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Ceramic digital roller machine is a fully automatic roller for ceramic forming. It is higher efficient and quality ensured. The technical features of the machn=ine go as the following;
ZNCE-300 digital Roller Forming Machine is one suitable for producing daily used ceramic plates and bowls.
The machine has the following features:
1. Fully automatic production is prevailed, starting from mud supply to the trimming of the biscuit, the whole production process is completed automatically, which reduces the number of manual labor as well lightens the strength of the manual work.
2. Higher productivity: the 4 heads roller forming machine can process 4 work pieces at the same time.
3. The digital automatic control is easy to set and operate. It can work pursuant to the various mud in different properties, in various dimensions of the products and taking the various rolling curves, which results in better quality products in higher productive efficiency. When the parameter are adjusted, output the stored parameters, or input the new parameters can do the work soonest. The automatic roller machine can store various set of parameters to many products. In case of changing to a new product, only mold and roller head is changed, output the stored parameter from the memory of the roller will complete the adjustment to the new. The machine has the feature of shorter adjusting time, suitable for multiple rolling products and conduct mass production.
4. Shorter drying time in saving more molds.
5. Circular and parametric thermal air drying results in energy saving.
6. Smaller production area is taken.
  • ISO9000

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