Mechanics Stethoscope

Product ID: MS-120

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Rapidly detect the machine noise from a diesel engine, an air cylinder or an automobile, and exactly find out the malfunction position:Used to check the pison slap, worn gears, damaged valves and bearings. Water pump failure in industry; Monitor the automatic motor to avoid accident;Monitor the working of all kinds of axletrees; Monitor the working of a ship or vessel; Used in chemical industry to check whether the liquid in a pipe is flowing or blocked; Used in the maintenance of various vehicles and household appliances.
Frequency range: 10-10KHz
Input impedance: >20M
Ambient Noise permitted: 100dB
Working Temperature:-10~60°C
Power supply: 4*1.5AAA batteries
Size: 156*67*28mm
Weight: 270g(including sensors)
Standard delivery: Carrying case 1pcs
Magnetic base 1pcs
Sensors 2pcs
Earphone set 1set
Stinger probe 2pcs
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