Vibration Tester

Product ID: VM6360

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Product synopsis

Application: used for measuring periodic motion, to check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery.
Specifically designed for present measuring various mechanical vibration. So as to provde the data for the quality control, run time and equipment upkeep.
Iuse the high-performance acceleration meter, realize the repetitiveness and accurate measurement.
It has the function of testing axle bearing situation.
Model: VM6320
Specifications: Acceleration 0.1-200m2/s (10Hz to 1KHz 10Hz to 10KHz )
Velocity : 0.1-200mm/s0. (10Hz to 1KHz)
Displacement: 0.001-2.0mm(10Hz to 1KHz)
Auto power off
Max hold
Operating conditions:0-+40°C (32°F -104°F ),≤90%RH
Power supply: 4x1.5V AA(UM-3)battery
Battery indicator: low battery indicator
Dimensions : 160x68x32mm
weight: 181g(not including battery)
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