PH/ORP Controller

Product ID: PH/ORP-2000

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Product synopsis


Display LCD
Measurement range 0-14pH/1mV. –1000-1000mV
Accuracy 0.01pH. 1mV
Output optional DC4-20mA,max,load 1k
Control action ON/OFF max 220VAC/max3A/max600VA
Calibration 2 points
Environment 0-60℃
Cut opening size 92x92x110mm
Power supply 220VAC 50Hz or 110VAC 60Hz
Net weight 0.2Kg

Optional probes
Model number cases
E-1312-EC1-M10ST highly polluted process and waste water
E-1313-EC1-10ST highly polluted process and waste water(ORP)
S400RT300A10ST Pipe type in stallation
405CDHF anti-HF electrode
F635-B120-DH Cases ofhigh temp or high pressure or leavening
M-10 highly polluted process and waste water
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