ZK2108*4B/500 Four-Spindle CNC Gun Drilling Machine

Product ID: ZK2108*4B/500

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Processing hole diameter Ø1.5 - 8mm
Max processing hole depth 500mm
Max clamping length 500mm
Processing Method Double (cutter and workpiece) rotary
Number of spindle head 4
Max spindle speed (mechanical spindle) 15000r/min
Workpiece rotational speed 0; 500r/min
Cutting tool feed speed range 0 - 500mm/min
Fast traveling speed for cutting tool 2000mm/min
Drill stem motor power 3.7KW*2
Feed motor power 1.2KW
Oil cooling pump motor power 7.5KW
Max pressure of cooling system 16MPa
Max flow of cooling system 100L
Oil capacity of machine tool 800L
Automatic loading mechanism None
Digital Control System
FANUC 0I MATE TD/GSK 980 TD/Customer-Selected

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