multi function packaging machine

multi function packaging machine

thermoforming packaging machine

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This packaging machine is a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine and is applicable for vacuum, gas-filling and skin packaging of foods, meat products, seafoods, fruits, vegetables, pickles, cooled meat, medicine products, metal elements, and medical apparatus.

(1) The complete machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, that greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment.

(2) Modular moulds are applied that can be replaced easily and the machine can be used for multiple purposes. The forming mould and sealing mould are equipped with a water cooling system.

(3) SMC pneumatic elements with reliable performance and long service life are applied.

(4) German BUSCH vacuum pumps with extreme degree of vacuum performance are fitted.

(5) OMRON servo motor & PLC with reliable performance and ease of operation is used.

(6) With photoelectric registration, color sealing film or light film can be used for packaging to reduce the cost and increase the product grade.

(7) With special stainless steel holding chains, the packaging machine is applicable for extending and moulding of flexible film or rigid film of different thickness for special purpose packaging.

(8) With advanced horizontal and longitudinal cutting systems, the machine’s replacement operation is more convenient. There is a scrap and waste recycling system to help maintain environmental cleanness.
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