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CHICKEN: all cuts such as legquarters, legs, wings, mid wings, tips, liver, hearts, gizzards, breast fillet, innerfillet, thighs, drumsticks,feet ..
- CHICKEN FRANKS brand KIPCO-DAMACO or your own private label

- TURKEY: all cuts such as thigh, thighmeat, drumsticks, legquarters, wings, breast fillet, liver, hearts, gizzards, etc.

- HEN / LIGHT FOWL: whole birds, legquarters, wings, feet

- COOKED & DICED POULTRY Meat: for the salad- , sandwich, ready made meal producers

- MDM, Baader, Ground meat for the meatprocessing factories, (eg. sausageproduction, canning, fillings , brand DAMACO)

- BEEF: all cuts, full or robbed forequarters, hindquarters, topside, tenderloin, knuckles, flanks, trimmings, striploin, eyeround, shank
- LAMB & MUTTON: all cuts, carcassers, 6-
- Chicken Franks, 340gms, Halal.
Product and packaging are offered according to each customer’s specification and Region. We would be delighted to establish a prosperous business relationship with your esteemed company. Feel free to send us your inquiries.

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