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Product ID: HHCC40

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HHCC40 Auto Coin Counter


Counting up your cash register is a piece of cake with "HHCC40". Throw all your coins in the hopper and let the machine count and sort them for you. There is enough room for about 500 coins at a time. You can continue feeding coins while the machine is counting. The display shows the total amount and the amounts each currency.

Quick and Easy to use

Compact design

Counts and sorts up to 270 coins per minute

Hopper capacity of 500 coins

Displays value and number of coins

Individual coin trays

Here HangHeng introduces the fast, powerful and compact coin counter HHCC40 to you. this Coin counter can handle 350-500 coin at one time, the counting speed is 216 coin per minute.

An easy to read screen gives you values and quantities per coin in addition to the totals. Compact and reliable, this coin counter/ sorter is an invaluable aid for banks, supermarkets, movie theaters, retail locations and any other business environments were coins are accepted.

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