-86Degree Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Upright Style

Product ID: ULTFUS

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Product introduction
The -86 degree ultra low temperature freezer can be used for storage virus,germs,blood plasma,blood,skin,bone marrow,sperm,biology product,oceanic product and others.
It can be applicant to research institute,chemical ,military,electronics,piscatorial and others
Temperature controlling
Microprocessor-based temperature controller, -10℃~-86℃ can be set freely , controlling precision is 1℃, Digital temperature display.
Off-limit temperature warning
Safety functions
Warning system with temperature off-limits,power off and door open
Warning mode with buzzer,light flashing,and remote warning;
Cooling system
famous branded compressor,non-CFC environmental high efficiency refrigerant
high density insulation layer
Excellent cooling system design
Fast frozen function
Humanized design
Safety lock and key design in case of door failure
Wide voltage raange design,from 198V to 242V
Double-layer door design in case of cooling air leakage
Using latest environment

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