Bench Top High Speed Centrifuge

Product ID: BTHSC

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Our TGL series of bench top centrifuge machine is high speed with temperature control or without models,which is widely used in biology, medicine, genetics, agricultural science, food hygiene, environment protection, scientific research, and the separation of particles of different density in solution.

Main Advantages
1)Brushless Frequency conversion motor
2)Microprocessor controlling
3)Digital display
4)12 operation programs automatically stocked
5)9 Acc / Dec rate selected.
6)8 Automatic Fault Diagnosis
7)Stainless steel chamber
8)Lid with safe locking
9)Rotor No., Speed, Time, Temp, ACC/DCC displayed,
10)High efficient, low noisy, slight vibration, safe and easy operation
11)Quality Rotor can be chosed by you.

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