Flexible printed circuit

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Hi-Tek Circuit can provide you all kinds of FPC, flex PCB, flexible circuit boards, FPC board, Flexible printed circuit board, FPC assemble
1. Layers: 1-8 layers
2. Material: PI, PET
3. Max.size: 600mm*600mm
4. Min.trace space: 0.075mm
5. Min. Laser Hole Size: 0.075mm
6. Min.board thickness:
- Single layer: 0.07mm
- Double layers: 0.12mm
- multilayers: 0.38mm
7. Copper thinkness:12um, 18um, 35um
8. Stiffer: FR4, PI, PET
9. Surface Finishing: Ni/Au Plating, Immersion gold, Pure-tin Plating
10. vacuum packing and export carton
11. Delivery time: 3-10 days
12. DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT (door to door)

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