vane pack mist eliminator

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Vane pack mist eliminators remove liquid entrainment from gas streams, thus providing high efficiency and low pressure drops in scrubbers, cooling towers, air washers, gas absorbers and ventilation systems.
The chevron type offers high performance with mist removal efficiencies often approaching 100%. They also provide excellent resistance against plugging in applications with high solids loading.
Mist eliminators work on the principle of direct impaction combined with centrifugal force.
Vane Pack Mist Eliminator are suitable in vinylester fiberglass reinforced plastic,polypropylene,carbon and stainless steel.
Low Pressure Evaporators
Refinery Vacuum towers
Scrubbers in flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems
Pulp and Paper mills
Sugar refinery
Vane Pack Mist Eliminators are high capacity separators; they collect essentially 100% of all particles greater than 8 to 40 microns in diameter, depending on design parameters. They are assembled as banks of parallel vane profiles. This design causes the gas to change direction a number of times from inlet to outlet of the separator. The inertia of the liquid droplets forces the entrained liquid droplets to impinge on the vane surfaces where they form a liquid film and drain. Simple Vane Pack profiles are particularly suitable for applications with a significant risk of fouling due to solid particles or high viscosity liquids in the feed. Omega Separations offers a wide range of Vane Packs depending on the direction of gas flow and the complexity of the vane profiles. Sectional installation of the vane banks allows installation and removal through the vessel man-way.Complex Vane Pack designs provide special separation channels to allow disengagement of liquid and drainage from the vane surface which increases the capacity. These profiles are therefore used when equipment size is critical,for example in de-bottlenecking of existing equipment.
1.Suitable for applications where solids or sticky and viscous liquids are present and would plug a wire mesh mist eliminator
2.Suitable for both vertical and horizontal gas flow Good collection efficiency in low pressure drop and vacuum applications
3.Suitable for higher liquid and gas loads.
  • ISO9001

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