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When working in an industrial setting the most important aspect is safety. Each year thousands of workers are injured by falls due to wet or slippery surfaces costing employers millions of dollars in lawsuits and production. Grip Strut Stair Treads dramatically reduce slip and fall accidents saving employers a substantial amount of money on insurance premiums.
Grip Strut Stair Treads protect workers through its unique one piece steel or aluminum diamond-shaped construction which provides gripping friction to the sole of a shoe in all directions. The raised diamond-shaped spokes allow mud, ice, snow, grease, oil, chemicals and detergents to drain through the holes leaving the surface free of any slippery substances. The serrated edges not only provide traction but also include a cushioning effect which evenly distributes the weight of each footstep thus reducing worker fatigue.
The Grip Strut Stair Treads are an ideal safety grating surface for industrial and commercial settings and can be used for a number of different applications including work platforms, catwalks, transportation servicing areas, vehicle steps, rooftop walkways and standard stair treads. Grip Strut Stair Treads are even used at ski resorts to provide traction on even the snowiest surfaces.
Surface treatment:galvanized.
Materials: iron, zinc plates, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
Thickness :1-3mm (based on customer requirements)
Shaped hole: alligator mouth hole
Item NO. GRS05 GRS06 GRS07
depth(inch) 7" 9-1/2" 11-3/4"
Length(inch) 24" 24" 24"
channel gauge 12 gauge 14 14
depth(inch) 1.5" 1.5" 1.5"
depth(inch) from 24" to 48" from 24" to 48" from 24" to 48"
Length(inch) 12 or 14 12 or 14 12 or 14
channel gauge 1.5" or 2 " 1.5" or 2 " 1.5" or 2 "
Other specification on request

Maintenance Free Design:Unique sluice design allows for quick drainage of fluids, chips, grease and mud. Any ice accumulation on the stair tread shears easily under normal foot pressure. The raised open diamond-hole design makes cleaning convenient and easy. Cleaning with either a brush, liquid or air spray is quick due to the high-corrosion resistant finishes which minimize overall maintenance.
Long Life:The high strength-to-weight ratio is attained through depth of section and structural manufacturing techniques. The linked non slip stair treads support struts along with critical side channels form a plank that can sustain loads with minimum transverse and longitudinal deflection. This innovative stair tread construction practice provides the heavy-duty load handling capacity of traditional grating with the advantages of minimal deflection found in weaker malleable grating. The two qualities produce a safety grating with long lasting durability and flexibility to meet any challenge.
Easy Installation:Light, easy to handle planks make installation simple and hassle free. The planks can be lifted and moved by one person. Most of the sections can be swiftly bolted into place. In custom structures, the planks can be quickly welded, clamped, cut or fabricated to adapt to any situation. Pre positioned holes make the stair treads installation hassle free. For challenging situations, we offer multiple grip strut grating attachment products to permit the fastening of the planks to most existing surfaces which allows for quick installation or tear-down processes.
  • ISO9001

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