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Gabion retaining wall, sometimes called gabion wall or retaining wall, is formed with gabion baskets stacking atop one another, and it plays a positive role in earth retaining, mud-rock flow prevention, slope stabilization, landslide treatment, and soil erosion control, etc. The walls are regarded as a flexible and free drainage system, which can effectively resist the disturbing forces. During the building of gabion retaining walls, in order to achieve the effect of stability and an aesthetic appearance, it is suggested that the walls should be inclined from the vertical plane by 6 or 10 degrees. The gabion retaining walls flexibility degree can be determined by the quality of the filling materials, the type of fill, wire diameter of the mesh, and the mesh type. For example, the more angular the filling materials are, the greater care in filling and the heavier the wire diameter of the mesh. Therefore, the requirements on the quality of installation will be higher, thus leading to a more dimensionally stable structure.

Gabion retaining walls are constructed with natural stone. As drainage occurs soil particles are deposited into the small voids of the natural stone fill within the gabion wall allowing for pockets of vegetation to take root.

1. Flexibility
6. Ecology

Retaining wall is being used to construct an access track along the length of an existing train station. The access track will be used by a pilling rig that will be required to place new foundation when the existing station is demolished and the new railway station constructed. The gabion wall is constructed both sides of railway line and has to be constructed and backfilled in 4m lengths. This limits the chance of slipe to the embankment.
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