sell bugle head drywall screw

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Material:C1022,carbon steel
Main feature:tapping point,bugle head,phillips drive,hardened,coarse/fine(twin-fast)thread
Finished: phosphated(black, grey) and other as require.
The surface after phosphated or galvanized, has good corrosion resistance, rust resistance.
Normal size:all different sizes such as 6*19mm(3.5*19mm),6*25mm(3.5*25mm),6*50mm and so on .
Package: 500pcs-1000pcs/box(bag) or 1KG/box(bag). 12 or 20boxes/carton. as common.otherwise. 25KG/carton in bulk or also can be packed as required
Usage:Drywall screw do much less damage to wood and are easier to remove and even be reused. More and more widely used in wood, wood furniture, chipboard, hard wood, light steel joist, construction and instead of wood screw, metal, all kinds of board
Having a high tensile strength value and are durable enough to handle repeated assembly and disassembly so often used to fasten sheet metal composite materials, woods and plastics.

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