Appearance figure

Appearance figure

Constant Temperature and Humidity Cabinet

Product ID: HD-HW-01

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Constant Temperature and Humidity Cabinet

Product explanation:
This machine is manufactured and designed to meet the requirements of relevant standards,such as GB/T2951,UL1581,IEC540,IEC60598 etc.It is used to provide a constant temperature and humidity environment to perform a further test.

* Using OYO temperature&humidity control system from JAPAN makes this machine more preciser.
* Refrigeration is come from Tecumseh(France).
* Cold controller all comes from AICO, EMERSON, CASTEL.
* The big window in the door makes your view more convenient.
* Four-tiered safety system for super-cooling conditions.
* Stainless steel interior.

Technical parameter:
Power source AC 3φ 380V,50Hz,Max 15A
Temp range -400C to 1000C
Humidity range 20% to 98%RH
Temp precision +-0.50C
Humidity precision +-2.5%RH
Temperature uniformity +-0.10C
Humidity uniformity +-0.1%RH
Temp rising time 40m (from ambient to 100℃)
Refrigerate time less than 30m (from ambient to -20℃)

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