agricultural mulching film

agricultural mulching film

PE agricultural mulching film

Product ID: plastic film

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Short Description:Material:PE
Place of origin:Shandong China
Minimum order quantity:2 metric ton
Packaging details:It depend on the requirements of the customers

Detailed Description:product name:agricultural mulch film,plastic film,cover film
1)Raw Materials: LDPE/ HDPE
2)Packing:to be packed in bag or on roll
3)specifications:available upon request
a) light is shut out, and the growth of the weed is suppressed.
b)It keeps the soil moist and warm. Anti-grass
c)It is unnecessary to do the perforation work which is troublesome and needs time.
d)The plant is protected from frost.
5)sample specifications(for your reference)

95cmX50m X0.02mm (black perforted plastic mulch film)
95cmX100m X0.02mm (black perforted plastic mulch film)
135cmX50m X0.02mm (black perforted plastic mulch film)
135cmX100m X0.02mm (black perforted plastic mulch film)

(aperture, pitch and size can be produced according to customers request.)
95cmX50m X0.02mm (transparent mulch film)
95cmX100m X0.02mm (transparent mulch film)
135cmX50m X0.02mm (transparent mulch film)
135cmX100m X0.02mm (transparent mulch film)
  • 9001

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