CNC flame and plasma cutting machine

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With auto-lifting, auto-igniter, auto-cutting, re-cutting, arc height control for cutting torch as options
Closed loop control for servo system, No clearance transmission for gear and gap, and with automatic acceleration and deceleration, cutting sequential control, art parameters set-up and kerf-compensation function
The gantry type structure design can ensure the high strength and rigidity
It equipped with Japanese Panasonic full-digital AC servo driving system and German Neugart reducer, it runs steadily and cutting with a high precision
With stable structure and good rigidity, and no deformation after long time using, servo motor, reducer, gas pipe and solenoid valve, cutting torches are all international famous brand, ensuring the quality stable and reliable
2 CNC flame cutting torch and 1 CNC plasma cutting torch (it can be changed by customer)
Rail span: 2,500 to 13,000mm
Rail length: 15,000mm
Effective route: 12,500mm
Max speed: 6000(mm/min)

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