H-beam hydraulic straightening machine

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Key Specifications/Special Features:
This machine is specially used for the H-beam flange distortion straightening, which includes hydraulic and mechanical straightening type
The structure of mechanical flange straightening machine is simple, with convenient and reliable operation which used for semi-automatic H-beam production line
The hydraulic type straightening has strong straightening force and high automation which usually used for full automatic H-beam production line
The straightening roller and powered roller is good alloy steel, which are made after heat-treating with long life using
Hydraulic type straightening machine is used for the angle distortion straightening of the H-beam with large thickness
Hydraulic cylinder presses from down side to up side, which has strong force and high driving torque and with good straightening efficiency and good quality
This machine is widely used for the fire electric furnace, heavy duty steel structure construction, steel bridge, water po

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