hydraulic rivetig machine with torque detection

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1. The C-body design, whole body cast and high rigid.
2. Professional design, suitable for various parts of the flange riveting, such as ball, silicone oil clutch. etc.
3. Frequency power head,adjusting speed arbitrary, wide speed range
4. Safety design, using both hands to operate, with emergency stop button and jog up and down function.
5. Key and Foot Switch two cycle start modes.
6. Can be equipped with a torque detection device to facilitate the detection of spin riveting quality (Ball special purpose machine).
7. Infrared protection can be configured (Optional).

Technical Parameters
Theoretical output pressure 100KN(10t)
Rated oil pressure 10Mpa
Max stroke 120mm
Max Opening Height 300mm
Throat Depth 200mm
Fast-forward speed 80mm/s
Feeding speed 0~80mm/s
Return speed 90mm/s
The size of the working table 640 X 400mm
Sprin riveting motor power 3.0Kw
Power of motor 3.7kw
Weight 1250kg

whats more,the hydraulic machine can be designed for all kinds of customers special request.
  • CE
  • ISO9001

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