10 tonnages hydraulic press with single pillar

Product ID: FBY-CS10

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Product fearture:
1.The C-body design, Use of small space and easy operation.
2. Extension table, two working positions, high efficiency.
3. Rod mechanical limit, under pressure adjustable stroke, positioning accuracy 0.02mm.
4. With PLC control, easy programming process, positioning accuracy and high precision.
5. Key and Foot Switch two cycle start modes. Pressure Speed can be adjusted.
6. Safety well-designed, hand operation, with emergency stop button and jog up and down function.
7. Widely used in parts of the press forming, stretching, bending, punching, stamping, shaft alignment and press-fit etc.

Technical Parameters

Theoretical output pressure 100KN(10t)

Rated oil pressure 13Mpa

Max stroke 200mm

Max Opening Height 280mm

Thoat depth 200mm

Fast-forward speed 75mm/s

Feeding speed 10~70mm/s

Return speed 90mm/s

The size of the working table 450 X 400mm

The height of the working table 930mm

Size of the mold mounting hole Φ32mm

Power of motor 3.7kw


Weight ~kg
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