Magnetic tensioner with Cylinder(MTQ100)

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Magnetic tensioner with Cylinder ( MTQ1200 )
We supply coil winding tensioner for TANAC multi-spindle CNC Auto winding mahine,Nittoku and other brand coil winding machines with competitive price in china. Coil winding Magnetic Tensioner with Cylinder by using permanent magnet, The tension is generated to the damp wheel, The non-contact mechanism design provides stable,consistence and precision tension to the wire,Excellence for both high and normal speed winding.
Product Description :
1, this series is the addition of anti-tension pneumatic damping device based on magnetic tension on MTC, is more suitable fast to bound the PIN feet
2,The tension rods has two materials with transparent glass fiber and carbon fiber , the length can be based on actual usage, the default for our company policy.the drive wheel and guide wheel using special fine polishing ceramic , avoid injury mechanism of paint coating wire winding operation.Guide wheel speed bearings imported from Japan
  • ISO9001

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