iLEDm COB Light SP14-10

iLEDm COB Light SP14-10

【iLEDm】COB Light SP14-10

Product ID: SP14-10

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CCT/Ra: (1)5000K/Ra80  (2)4000K/Ra80  (3)2700K/Ra80
Lm: (1)1410  (2)1390  (3)1260
Vf(V):34.8V ~ 42V
IF(mA):300 ~ 600
Dimensions(mm):19 x 19 x 1mm
Immiting Area Diameter : Φ17mm
Application:For Spot lighting, AR111, PAR series, etc.

10W type borderless COB exceed 145lm/W light efficiency

Product Advantages:
Borderless COB LED light source is based on high reflective aluminum subtract (made in Taiwan), increasing light efficiency generally up to 145lm/w

Test Conditions:
SP14-10W COB 35V/300mA: Static test intwo meters Integrating Sphere
this COB LED is developed independently under three patented held by iLEDm team

Download PDF:
Report of Spectroradiometric & Electric Analysis for Lamp
  • ISO9001:2000

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