Hologram Master Shim with 2540dpi and 20 kinds Secuirty Features

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Hologram master for secuirty label
Size: 150 x 150mm to 1100 x 800mm
Pattern:General & Custom
Thickness: 0.06-0.15mm

Other main products:

1. Supply hologram related product such as: hologram security label/sticker, hologram tape, hologram package, hologram overlay/pouch hologram metal label etc.

2. Produce hologram master. Our hologram master not only have good brightness, but also have all the features like Multi channel effect, Kinetic effect and Guilloche Pattern,2D/3D,Switch effect, Laser Readable Image, Gradient effect, Micro text, Lens effect, relief effect, True color image, Full 3D,White effect etc. The size range is within 800mm X 1200mm.

3. Provide hologram related machines like hologram dot matrix machine, recombining machine, electroforming system, embossing machine, glue spreading system, Automatic die-cutting machine. And more important, we can produce these equipments and machines according to our clients requests.

Main Products

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