15ml lubricant oil

15ml lubricant oil

15ml lubricant oil bottle

Product ID: Lubricant oil bottle

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Introduction of lubricant oil.
Maintenance of paper shredders are like other mechanical equipments, only after timely maintaining to effect the best performance of paper shredders, help reduce the noise and extend the lifespan of machine.
Some paper scraps are left after shredding, it will become a hard lump after a time.Lubricating with our oil to soften the lumps, run the shredder in reverse to push the lumps out to recover the blades function. Meanwhile, the running pressure of motor, gears and shafts are reduced accordingly to extend the using life of machine.
More oil will be more better effectiveness, choosing the lubricant sheets or lubricant oil bottle are the only choice of maitaining your paper shredder, it is made in a special formula, no residue left.
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