GSM,CDMA one port terminal

GSM,CDMA one port terminal

GSM/CDMA/WCDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal

Product ID: FWT-01

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Quad-band: GSM 900/1,800, CDMA 450/800/1,900 and UMTS/WCDMA 2,100MHz
Simple to install and easy configuration via ordinary phone DTMF
Worldwide flexible power supply (battery backup connector supported)
Call prefix restriction
GSM/CDMA module, SIM card status diagnosis with LED reminding
Fully PBX compatible, NEC, Panasonic verified
Locking wireless terminal (preconfigured)
Locking SIM card (preconfigured)
Locking service provider (preconfigured)
Caller ID restriction (preconfigured)
Single and dual stage dialing
Manual IMEI changer (GSM 900/1,800MHz, optional)
GSM quad-band, UMTS WCDMA with auto IMEI changer (optional)
12/16K billing signal available (optional)
Auto reboot in hanged status
CDMA RUIM or none
ESN/A-key/MEID changer provided, PRL table preload if needed (CDMA optional)
Suitable for simple voice call and home alarm
Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 30mm (slimmer)
Dimensions: 180 x 120 x 80mm
Weight: 0.5kg (most lighter)

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