GSM,WCDMA 24,32 port channel bank

GSM,WCDMA 24,32 port channel bank

GSM/WCDMA 24,32 port channel bank

Product ID: CB-02

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Provides up to 32FXS (phone) port for easily setup call termination and origination from various network with VOIP FXO gateway
Simple installation: easy configuration via ordinary phone DTMF input, SMS remote or WinXP based GUI configuration manager
LED display: mobile signal digital strength indicator, incoming/outgoing call number display
GSM: 850, 900, 1,800 and 1,900MHz
CDMA: 450, 800 and 1,900MHz
Auto network detection
Sensitive busy tone detection as short as 3 seconds for fast offhook
Block unwanted/addon prefixes
Incoming call blocked
Speaker and Mic voice volume adjustable
SIM individual rate plan
CallerID DTMF signaling modulation (optional for FSK based network)
Incoming call number filtering
SIM/port, zone locked and unlocked
Supports second stage input dialing for both GSM and CDMA
GSM IMEI DTMF dialing/SMS remote changeable
No need PC or software based
CDR download based on SIM, GSM/CDMA port
1,120 records
GSM or CDMA routing for PBX GSM trunk add-on application

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