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plywood Okoume


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The product uses water resistant, bears the climate kind of phenolic glue to make, therefore has the wearability, the anti- wrinkle, is anti-corrosive and so on the characteristic. This product may put in the boiling water to boil for 48 hours, does not open the rubber, does not distort, if strictly according to the explanation use, the two-sided turnover number of times may reach 50 above time.Saved the construction cost like this greatly, avoided the steel template being easy to rust, the corrosion characteristic, also solved has used the steel template to leak the thick liquid, the construction surface roughness malpractice.This product suits the cast-in-place clear water concrete project construction specially, the use concrete surface smooth is smooth, after does not need to plaster the surface renovates may whitewash or the decoration directly, but massively reduces the project cost, the realization high economic efficiency.
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