5GHz 30dBi Grid Antenna

5GHz 30dBi Grid Antenna

5GHz 30dBi Grid Antenna

Product ID: JHG-5500-30

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JHG-5500-30 is a high-performance aluminum die-cast directional parabolic grid antenna, It’s suitable for point to point applications in the 5.5GHz band

Aluminium Die Cast Grid

UV stable coat finish

Compatible with Vertical or Horizontal Polarization

Point to Point System

Model JHG-5500-30
Frequency Range 5470-5725MHz
Gain 30 dBi
VSWR ≤1.5
3dB Beam-Width, H-Plane 4°
3dB Beam-Width, E-Plane 6°
Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
Upper Side Lobes dB
Front to Back Ratio ≥30 dB
Maximum Input Power 100 Watt
Impedance 50 Ω
Lightning Protection DC Grounded
Connector N Female
Antenna Dimension 600×900 mm
Weight 3.5 KG
Reflector Material Aluminium Die Cast
Mounting Mast Diameter Ø40~Ø60 mm
Operating Temperature -40° C to +65° C
Rated Wind Velocity 216 Km/h

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