Luoyang JinQu Musical Instrument Co. Ltd
Luoyang Golden Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd is located in the hometown of the peony flower fields , Luoyang of China.

The factory moved to Luoyang from Beijing in 1998. The ever more frequent collaboration with Europe partners from Cremona of Italy , Germany, and France .

Our workshop makes string instruments ranging from "A. Stradivari 1689" and "The Guarneris" to "The Travels of J. B. Guadagnini1741". We make violin, viola, cello and double bass by the style of Cremona from the renaissance to Romantic era. All of them are distinguished by their quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Golden Musical Instruments is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer and distributor of fine string instruments and accessories ranging from fractional size instruments for young beginners to outstanding master instruments and accessories for advanced and professional musicians.

Over the past 10 years, our time and efforts were focused in delivering the best quality and service to our customers worldwide. To make this possible we have established the bow hair and bow and fittings factory in Hebei, Jiangsu and Beijing of China.

Instruments by Golden Musical Instruments are crafted using traditional methods and materials. Each Golden instrument is a unique artistic creation. Every violin, viola, and cello double bass maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship, combined with deeply satisfying richness and complexity of tone. Our accessories such as the chin rest, tailpiece, adjuster, endpin and bow are some of the selected items we manufacture and offer to our patrons. Every product is elaborately made by our talented technicians. The material is older and durable. Our workshop set up the Pirastro strings and Despiau bridge to most of master and professional violin, viola, cello, and double bass .

Luoyang Golden Muiscal instruments Co.,Ltd , is one of the star musical instrument manufacturers that stands proudly out of the Orient and is spreading rapidly to the rest of the world.

Doing the best and striving for perfection is our motto and our aspirations we continue to strive for here at Golden Musical Instruments!

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    Luoyang china
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    • OEM Manufacturer
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      North America / South America / Caribbean / West Europe / East Europe / Russia / East Asia / Southeast Asia / Mid-East / Africa / Australia / New Zealand / China / Hong Kong