11W CCFL full covered energy saving light

Product ID: YPZ220/11-FS.RD/RZ/R

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CCFL full covered energy saving light;
Work normally in low temperature of -30℃;
Save more than 40% energy than traditional energy saving light;
NO UV,no flicker and no blue ray radiation comparing with the led light;
Lifetime as long as 50000h;
Applied the CE certification.

Body materials:
Imported PBT material,fire prevent level of 94-VO,high strength,resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

Applied light head:

Using occassions:
Offices,supermarkets,shopping malls,residential and other indoor areas.

Model no.:YPZ220/11-FS.RD/RZ/RR.D
Color rendering index:85-95Ra
Color temperature:2700/4500/6400K

Features of our energy saving lights:
1.energy saving light,save your money;
2.comparing with the traditional light,our energy saving light have UV-CUT technology,
and comparing with LED,our light have no blue ray.it is real healthy light;
3.No flicker,and comfortable soft light,it is the ideal indoor use lightl;
4.spiral design,fashionable outlooking;

Comparing with LED,CCFL energy saving lights have advantages as follows:
1.LED has blue ray radiation,may cause eye dieases after long time use,but CCFL lights have comfortable soft light,no ray radiation,protect your eyes;
2.The price of CCFL lights is 1/3 of LED price;
3.CCFL lights is easy to assemble,repalcement cost is 1/10 of LED;
4.We provide 3 years warranty,and can extend to 5 years.

5.color rendering index of 85~95,high brightness;
6.lifetime spang up to 50000h,save energy as long as 18 years;
  • CE
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 9001:2008

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