Pipe inline acrylic flowmeter

Pipe inline acrylic flowmeter

Pipe Inline Acrylic Flow meter

Product ID: JPFM-005

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Measures the flow of water and other compatible media. Various size ranges and connections are available for your different application.

Tube material: organic glass
Normal diameter: DN3-DN10
Accuracy: +/- 4% to +/-1.5%
Floater: stainless steel, agate, 316, fluorine with plastic film.
Connection : soft tube, flange, quick connector
Working temperature: 0-120 centigrade.
Working pressure: 0.4MPa to 0.9MPa

We, JP Waterpower Enviroment are a waste water solution and equipments supply company. We supply eqipments and accessaries relating to waste water engineering and waste water plant.

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