GT4A68 Semiautomatic cans Seamer

Product ID: GT4A68

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GT4A68 Pneumatic cans Seamer is the necessary processing equipment in tank production, mainly used in end hook with no-leakage of round tanks and the tank bottom and lid cover, It is adaptable to metal package in the industries of food, medicine, chemistry, and seeds. With four trolley tank seaming technology, the machine works fast in tank seaming, less noisy and of better quality. Being a improved generation of GT4A68, air power delivery system has be employed to reduce operators labor intensity.
.major Technical References
Production capacity: 30—60cans per minute (up to the skillfulness of operators)
Sphere of application:
Diameter: 50mm—180mm
Maximum Height: 300mm
Thickness of Sheet Iron: ≤0.4mm
Power: 1.5kw
Spin rate: 1400revolutions per minute
Size: 720×520×1760 mm
Weight: about 450kg

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