uv coating machine

uv coating machine

High Speed UV Spot and Overall Coating Machine

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High Speed UV Spot and Overall Coating Machine
Brand: Kai Way
Model: HG-1040

Max. Sheet Size: 730×1040mm
Min. Sheet Size: 310×406mm
Max. Coating Area: 720×1030mm
Sheet thickness: 100-600gsm
Power Required: 42.8kw
Production Speed: up to 6,600 sheets/hour. (Depending on sheet weight, size and quality)
Dimension (L×W×H): 13570mm×2300mm×2010mm
Total Weight: 8200kgs

Standard Equipments:
1. Auto Feeder
2. Multifunctional Coating Unit
3. UV Curing System
4. Auto Delivery Unit
5. Auto Control.
Optional Equipments:
Coating Part for Water Base and I.R Dryer

Kaiway HG-1040 high speed UV spot and overall coating machine adopts upper-sway gripper-pass-sheet method to enable max speed up to 6600 sheets/hour. UV curing system with Teflon conveying belt has characteristic of higher speed, precise orientation, and UV curing higher efficiency and lower power consumption. After sheet travelling through U.V. coater and being transferred directly by Teflon belt, grippers can not be heated by high temperature from UV light, which prevent them from being damaged or deformed to ensure easy maintenance.

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