auto folder gluer

auto folder gluer

Auto Folder Gluer for Corrugated Carton Box

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Auto Folder Gluer for Corrugated Carton Box/Corrugated Box Folder Gluer
Brand: Kai Way
Model: JKY-1100/1450/1800/2400

Max Production Speed: 150m~200m/min (Depending on sheet weight, size and quality)
Work Corrugated Paperboard: Flute A, B, C, E, F and three-layer cardboard
Max Paperboard Size:1100/1400×700mm, 1750×750mm,2350×900mm
Min Paperboard Size: 500×200mm, 550×250mm
Precision Registration for Folding and Gluing: +0.5mm/ +1mm in three layers
Main Motor Power: 25kw/30kw/35kw
Dimension (L×W×H): 15000mm×1700mm×1600mm
Total Weight: 15000kgs

Standard Equipments:
1. Feeding Unit
2. Pre-pressing Unit
3. Folding Unit
4. Pressing Unit
5. Conveying Unit
6. Counter Ejector
7. Electric System and PLC control

Kai Way JKY series auto folder gluer for carton box apply for corrugated carton and box such as flap top box, folding hook box, four-corner and six-corner box etc.

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