auto varnishing machine

auto varnishing machine

Auto Varnishing Machine

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Auto Varnishing Machine
Brand: Kai Way
Model: JWV-126

Max Sheet Size: 1200×1200mm
Min Sheet Size: 310×406mm
Effective Working Width: 1200mm
Conveyor Speed: 25~80m/min (Depending on sheet thickness, size and quality)
Power required: 28kw (for solvent base) ~64kw (for water base)
Dimension (L×W×H): 14320×1990×1985mm
Total Weight: 5090kgs

Standard Equipments:
1. Auto Feeder
2. Coating Unit
3. Drying and Cooling Unit
4. Auto Control.
Optional Equipment:
Auto Delivery Unit

Kai Way JWV-126 series auto varnishing and calendaring machines use high efficiency hot air system to dry sheet surface quickly and improve production speed greatly.

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