KD-302 Electrical Cable Seals

Product ID: KD-302

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1.KD-302 Electrical Cable Seal
3.ISO 17712 Approved
4.Printing logo/number by hot stamping

KD-302 Electrical Cable Seal(electrical cable seal,adjustable seal,steel cable seal)

1.Applicable area: All kinds of containers, container trucks, wigwams, oilcan.

2.Material:Interior steel, Exterior plastic.

3.Structure characteristics:Length: 21cm(can be lengthened); the diameter of steel wire: 1.8mm.
It belongs to the general style of sealing, firm, easy to seal and safety.

4.Tensile strength: F>3000N.

5.Color: blue/red/orange/ Customers required

6.Certificate: ISO/PAS 17712
  • 17712

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