cnc engraving router with rotary axis for cylinder

cnc engraving router with rotary axis for cylinder

CNC engraving machine with rotary axis

Product ID: FC-2080AY

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Features of the machine
1.Processing materials :wood, resin, polyethylene, polypropylene, organic glass, light metals, PVC, gypsum, rubber, acrylic, piezoelectric layer board, rubber board, carbide mixture, etc.
2.Driving mode :stepping driving. ball screw of three axis, flexible, and speed.
3.Machine characteristics: cylindrical fixture separately designed, it can match any machine from our company.
4.Applicable industries: cylindrical anaglyph, wood furniture, doors and windows, aluminum processing, musical instruments processing, etc.
Performance parameter:
1Outer dimension 1800*680*1700mm
2Table 680*1500mm
3Working 200*800mm
4Resolution 0.025mm
5Power of the spindle 1.5kw/2.2kw(for choice)
6Work voltage Dc220v /50hz
7Motion speed 18m/min
8Spindle rotating speed 6000-24000rpm/min
9Diameter of cutter 3 4 6 12.7
10Engraving language G code .uoo .mmg .plt
  • CE certificate&ISO9001:2000

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