GSM Alarm System With 10 Zones (G10)

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10zones GSM alarm system
1. Wireless GSM alarm system
2. Automatic Arm/Disarm by timer
3. Remote control by phone /SMS messages/MMS
4. 6 wireless alarm zones+4 wired alarm zones
5. 6 groups voice telephone alarm + 3 groups SMS alarm.
6. EEprom information protection, information never lost
7. Built-in back up battery, and it is rechargeable after use out.

1). Item name
10zones GSM security home wireless alarm
2). Application
Shops. Offices. Villas. Residential estate, garage, warehouse and so on.
3). Main Features
1.6 wireless zones, 4 wired zones, each zones can be equipped with many accessories
2. Send SMS to 3 groups preset mobile phone numbers and Auto-dial 6 preset phone numbers while alarming.
3. Listen in Function, monitor the scene environment.
4. Standby rechargeable battery, Switch to Backup rechargeable battery when power failure.
5. Will send SMS and call you when AC power cut or recovered.
6. With voice reminder & password protection while the system is working
7. Arm/disarm and set the alarm system by phone
8. EEprom information protection, information never lost
4). Technical Parameters of Host
1. Operating power: DC 9V~DC 12V
2. Standby Current:; 25mA
3. Warning Current: 450mA
4. Wireless frequency: 315MHz/ 433MHz/ 868MHz/ 915MHz
5. GSM Bands: GSM900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
5). Standard Package Kit
1. Alarm host (main unit)--1 PC
2. Wireless door magnetic contact--1 PC
3. PIR sensor--1PC
4. Remote controllers--2PCS
5. Siren--1PC
6. Special power source--1PC
7. Antenna--1PC
8. Binding post--1PC
9. User manual -1PC

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