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The Automatic motion-activated paper towel dispenser is one of the most advanced, hands-free, electronic paper towel dispensers. It delivers measured amounts of paper toweling to prevent waste and improve sanitation. Towel dispenser automatically activates with user's motion, operates quietly, and automatically shuts off when hands are removed from sensor range.

1. Customizable to Your Washroom Needs. Adjustable Settings for: Sheet Length, Time Delay, Sensor Range, and Dispensing Mode.

2. Hygienic. Automatic, Touchless Paper Towel Dispensing Prevents Cross-Contamination.

3. Attractive. Enhance Your Washroom's Image. Sleek Styling Conveys a High-End Image.

Model: KPS-0402
Unit Price/Payment: TT/ LC
Patent product sensitive paper dispenser has changed people's living habit.It has reduced various bacteria cross-infection possibility efficiently,suite for both public and household usage,environment friendly and sanitation
  • The Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser
    • The Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser can prevent crossinfection efficiently.Just wave your hand over the sensor to get soap without touch the dispenser itself.It is hygienic and suitable to be installed in public bathroom and it'll make your work and life healthier
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