Pallet wrapping machine

Pallet wrapping machine

pallet wrapping machine

Product ID: DT1650F

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Model DT1650F
Wrap size(L×W) (500-1200)mm×(500-1200)mm
Wrap height(max) L type:1800mm H type:2400mm Y type:2800mm
Wrap efficiency 20-40 Pallets/Hour
Turntable speed 0-12rpm Adjustable turntable speed
Turntable diameter 1650mm
Turntable height 78mm
Turntable weight capacity (max) 2000kg
Film carriage Power pre-stretch system up to 350% with adjustable speed
Lift system Double chain structure,lift speed adjustable
Control system PLC control,wrap layers adjustable,Turntable automatically reposition,photo-eyes auto-height sensing
Total weight(max) 500kg
Machine size 2745mm X 1650mm X (2270-2870)mm
Power/voltage Turntable:0.75kw Film carriage:0.35kw Lift system: 0.37kw`/AC220V
Top plate(optional) Motor-Driven
Ramp(optional) Custom made
  • CE ISO9001

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