FP-320G/450G Flexo Printing Machine With Three Rotary Die-cutting Units

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Product Description
1.ceramic anilox cylinder for ink transfer
2.unwinding adopts Mitsubishi tension controller
3.rewinding adopts Mitsubishi tension controller
4.printing unit with 360°plate register adjustment
5.three die-cutting stations,the first and second die-cutting station can do double sides working,the third die-cutting station can be used as sheeter
6.computerized web-guiding system is installed in the front of printing unit,it unsures the material always in the right position
7.IR dryer for each printing unit or choose uv dryer system (extra to pay)
8.the anilox roller will be separated with plate roller and still keeping low speed running after machine stopped
9.imported frequency inverter for speed control
10.with laminating unit and rotary die cutting units
11.Optional parts:UV dryer,sheeter and conveyer belt,video system
12.this machine can finish material-feeding,printing ,varnishing,drying,laminating,die-cutting, rewinding and sheeter in a lump.

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FP-320G/450G Flexo Printing Machine With Three Rotary Die-cutting Unit