KZX-320 Intermittent Offset Label Printing Machine (PS Plate)

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Product Description
KZX-320 Intermittent Offset Label Printing Machine (with PS plate)
1.KZX-320 intermittent offset label printing machine adopts exact servo control system which can ensure the stabilization when the printing material in the printing process. It can free from the printing roller change.
2.Printing unit: Assembled with 19 pieces of ink rollers ,4pcs of Form Rollers and 4pces of water rollers (alchohol dampening system), has nice ink working system to avoid
Streak trouble and Ghost image efficiently, largely increase the printing quality. The definition and precision made would never be reached by Flexo press.
3.Shaftless transmission system: every printing unit transmitted by an independent servo motor, 15 sets of servo motors in total for whole machine (6color) to ensure the exact color registering precision during high speed operation.
4.Positioning system: The only work is to input the printing length on the main control panel, every unit will be mo

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