leeb hardness meter

leeb hardness meter

leeb hardness meter HM-6560

Product ID: leeb hardness meter

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HM-6560, HM-6561

1.1 Typical Applications
* Die cavity of molds
* Inspection of bearing and other mass produced parts on a
production line
* Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and
other equipment
* Inspection of installed machinery, permanent parts of
assembled systems and heavy work pieces.
* Testing surface of a small hollow space
* Material identification in the warehouse of metallic materials
* Rapid testing in large range and multi-measuring areas for
large-scale work piece
1.2 Testing Features
* Palm size for narrow space.
* Test at any angle, even upside down.
* Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS,
* Large memory could store 50 groups including single
measured value, impact direction, material and hardness
scale etc.
* User recalibration function allowed.
* Can communicate with PC computer for statistics and
printing by the optional cable.
* Manual or automatic shut down.
* Low battery indication.

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