Product ID: 3ZF-6/3ZF-12/16

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It is matched with wheeled tractor. being changed different working parts, It can perform cultivating, cutting straw, deep arranging, fertilizing, hilling, ditching, etc. Its row space, Cultivating depth, fertilizing weight, etc. all can be adjusted in bigger scope. Its construction is rational, using and servicing is facility
Model 3ZF-6 3ZF12/16
  Overall dimensions (mm) 4600×1730 ×1350 9770×2050 ×1430
  Driving force (kw) 36.75-73.5 95.5-132
  Net weight (Kg) 830 1660
  Working width (mm) 4600 9600
  Working rows 6 12-16
  Rows spacing (mm) 450-700 500-760
  Cultivating depth(mm) 80-120 80-120
  Hilling height(mm) 100 100
  Form fertilizing device External feed External feed
  Working speed (km/h) 70-10 70-10
 Volume of fertilizer hopper 70 70
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