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Electroplating ultrapure water monocrystal silicon semiconductor, integrated circuit chip, picture tube, computer disks, glass shell, liquid crystal display, optical glass cleaning, automobiles, household appliances, hardwares, plastic, decorations, building materials coating, battery manufacture; anode and cathode electrophoretic paint ultra filtration recovery and zero discharge system etc; pure water for chemical reaction cooling, electroplating matching liquid, chemical agent, fine chemical manufacture, adopt the most advanced RO components, pressure vessels, high-pressure pump, and the reasonable pretreatment and post-treatment systems, the qualified water can be produced.
II. Typical technology process of electroplating ultrapure water
1. Pretreatment-RO-middle water tank-coarse mixed bed-fine mixed bed-pure water tank-pure water pump-UV sterilizer-polishing mixed bed-precision filter-water-user (≥18MΩ.CM) (conventional technology)
2. Pretreatment-RO-middle water tank-water pump-EDI-pure water tank-pure water pump-UV sterilizer-polishing mixed bed-0.2 or 0.5μm precision filter-water-user(≥18MΩ.CM) (new technology)
3. Pretreatment-first-stage RO-drug feeder(PH regulation)-middle water tank-second-RO(positive charge RO membrane)-pure water tank-pure water pump-EDI device-UV sterilizer-0.2 or 0.5μm precision filter-water-user (≥17MΩ.CM)(new technology)
4. Pretreatment-RO-middle water tank-water pump-EDI device-pure water tank-pure water pump-UV sterilizer-0.2 or 0.5μm precision filter-water-user (≥15MΩ.CM)(new technology)
5. Pretreatment-RO-middle water tank-pure water pump-coarse mixed bed-fine mixed bed-UV sterilizer-precision filter-water-user (≥15MΩ.CM) (conventional technology)
III. Standards of electroplating ultrapure water
Pure water standards, water for injection standards, pure water quality (empirical data) for picture tube, liquid crystal display
Pure water quality for integrated circuit
Pure water standards of national electronic grade
American SEMI standards
IV. Features of electroplating ultrapure water equipment
To satisfy the requirements of users, make the water quality conform to the standards, reduce the pollution of each stage as far as possible, prolong the service life of equipment, decrease the work load of operator’s maintenance. On the technology design, the tap water which conforms to the national standards is selected as the source water, also equipped with media filter, activated carbon filter, sodium ion softener, precision filter etc pretreatment system, RO system, ion exchange mixed bed (EDI) systems etc.
Each water tank in the system has the water level control system, every water pump has the pressure protection device, online water quality monitoring control gauge, electrics adopts PLC, this is the real unattended equipment, meanwhile, on the material selection, the combination of recommendations and requirements of clients is adopted, in contrast to other products of similar kinds, which has the higher performance, reliability and more competitive price.

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